Adventure to Europe. Chapter I

This morning my family and I awoke at 4:30AM to beautiful downpour of rain in Portland! The catch: Rain turns against you when you have to run through it to get to the bus stop. But after about an hour everything was dry, including ourselves, and we were headed to Philadelphia Pennsylvania - A five hour plane ride that consisted of reading, playing on iPods, listening to music, involuntarily falling asleep, reading, and gazing out the window. Very thrilling. Anyway, that's where we are now and we've just eaten our...meal...not sure which one it is with the changing time zones. But rumor has it that we will be getting "dinner" on the next plane to (drumroll) ...NORWAY! That's right people of Earth and possibly Jupiter, the Holden-Hunkins family is headed to Europe this summer! Our trip will take part in France, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark! This is only day one! And I'm already having a blast! I mean, what could be better than sitting in a plane for five hours so you can sit in a different plane for eight hours! (Sorry, I'm kind of milking the sarcasm) But I will keep you posted on this wild and crazy adventure! Ciao, folks!

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Emma said...

Fun!! Can't wait til you come back though! <3