You don't have to read this if you don't like books.

Dear blog,

It's been a a year or so since I've visited you. And well over a year since I've written anything, so I thought I was due for an update. I don't think anyone reads this anyway, but I'm just gonna write for posterity.
This year I started high school, and so far in my English class we've read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and we just started Anthem by Ayn Rand. Out of my teachers selection of literature, I particularly enjoyed The Alchemist-I found it inspiring and filled with rich wisdom! The Good Earth didn't capture my attention. As much as I respect Buck's work, the book was not a page turner. I've admired John Steinbeck since I read Of Mice and Men a year ago. The Pearl was a similarly constructed novel with another subtle moral-I appreciate Steinbeck's storytelling. Animal Farm was interesting, it definitely introduced a colder, more cynical view on all governments. Now Anthem has got me hooked, I haven't quite figured it out yet; it's like nothing else I've ever read.

Well, that's my opinion for the day on highschool literature. I hope you enjoyed reading that. Have a nice day! =)


This Blog Post is too complex to have a Title

(Warning: This will be more entertaining if you read it with a New York accent. mm hmm, ok.)
So, I was sitting on a rock the other day pondering the purpose of life when a thought began prodding at my brain. What if the purpose of life is to ponder the purpose of life? Then I thought, that can't be the purpose of life because that would mean that I no longer have a purpose in life since I have rightfully discovered that the purpose of life is to ponder the purpose of life. But with my unwillingness to accept that the purpose of life is to ponder the purpose of life I continued pondering the purpose of life making it absolutely possible to be the actual purpose of life! Which brings me back to knowing that if it were the purpose of life, I would never be able to know.

Put that in your juice box and suck it.


We arrived in Paris two days ago but I haven't blogged about it yet because I'm too lazy. Yesterday was really fun, but caused all of notre (our) feet to hurt. We went to Notre Dame and it was...huge. The biggest and most detailed church I have ever seen. It was amazing! We waked the streets for about an hour and we looked for souvenirs. My dad didn't like that. At all. And to top it off, someone ripped him off and didn't give him enough change! I just woke up so my writing isn't very good, but oh well. We mustn't dwell on the quality of the writing itself but the information that it possesses. (I totally disagree with that by the way) I'm very tired right now. We ate at McCaffee (a french McDonalds) and we ate Croissants. I love Paris!!! I could live here! This Morning we're going to see the Eifel Tower! That's my favorite part of Paris. I bought a necklace yesterday with an eifel tower charm!
Good Bye!

EUROPE TRIP: 4 trains, 1 day, tired me

"Gettin on that midnight train to Oslo...Woo woo!" That is what I was singing this morning when we ever so graciously dragged ourselves out of our nice little bed and breakfast to the train station in Voss at midnight this morning/middle of the night. We got on our train to Oslo and I guess we were supposed to sleep, but that didn't turn out well for any of us. So now, here we are, on our third train of the day and moms asleep, the brother is uploding pictures with a tired face and dad is watching me write this. I think we're in Sweden, but who really knows for sure? ... There's really good chocolate on this train. It's milk chocolate with rasberries or something in makes me happy. I think it's pretty cool--blogging from a train in a foreign country! That's a first for me! Tonight (on our fourth train) we get BEDS! Halleilughlia! one

We are finally settled in to nice Bed and Breakfast in Voss, Norway! We went around town today and saw some cool a church that was built in 1277. TWELVE SEVENTY SEVEN! That was before dinosaurs! ......just kidding. But it was a cool tell you the truth, I don't have much to say yet. Other than Norway is beautiful and today was what we call a "take it easy and don't do a whole bunch of stuff because we're still getting used to the time difference" day. I think I'm going to take nap now. Goodbye!

Adventure to Europe. Chapter I

This morning my family and I awoke at 4:30AM to beautiful downpour of rain in Portland! The catch: Rain turns against you when you have to run through it to get to the bus stop. But after about an hour everything was dry, including ourselves, and we were headed to Philadelphia Pennsylvania - A five hour plane ride that consisted of reading, playing on iPods, listening to music, involuntarily falling asleep, reading, and gazing out the window. Very thrilling. Anyway, that's where we are now and we've just eaten our...meal...not sure which one it is with the changing time zones. But rumor has it that we will be getting "dinner" on the next plane to (drumroll) ...NORWAY! That's right people of Earth and possibly Jupiter, the Holden-Hunkins family is headed to Europe this summer! Our trip will take part in France, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark! This is only day one! And I'm already having a blast! I mean, what could be better than sitting in a plane for five hours so you can sit in a different plane for eight hours! (Sorry, I'm kind of milking the sarcasm) But I will keep you posted on this wild and crazy adventure! Ciao, folks!


Come see Gigi at Camelot Theater! It's a great musical with a great cast!


Be happy!
If everyone was happy everything would be perfect. Think about it, if everyone was happy there would be no war, or problems. Don't you just wish that so much? Well, i encourage you today to do something that other people will find awesome. Make someone else's life just this much better. Put a smile on people's faces today. And tomorrow. And all the time! Spread the love people! We can use it! For everyone who just thinks there's nothing exciting anymore, smile. Just smile! I'm smiling for you now!

True Grit

Anyone heard of the Coen brothers? Well, I'm auditioning for their upcoming movie-True Grit (remake) I'm so excited! And so if you see a girl in that movie that looks like's probably me! :)

Secret Garden Performances

Please come see Secret Garden it's a great show!!

Daily Thoughts

I just thought I would blog about my life right now, because I know you're just dying to know all about me! Just kidding. Anyway, I'm sick. Just a cold, I might be back to school by tomorrow even. Rehearsals for Secret Garden start next week! And also I'm seeing Wicked on Sunday in San Fransisco! Woo Hoo! I can't wait! I got my cell phone a week ago, it's awesome. It's an LG Slider, Sprint. It's my first phone. I love it! Two days ago was the read through for Secret Garden, it was really fun. It's gonna be a great show! Oh yeah, and the reason why I have a giant photograph of a random person holding the earth is...well, actually there is no reason. If your an actor/actress, you might be interested in auditioning at the open auditions at Camelot Theater To get all the info, go to this link; Well that's all i have to say for now I think! Hope to see you at the auditions! Break A Leg!

The Secret Garden

I recently got the lead role in Secret Garden at Camelot Theater! It will be my first proffesional theater performance ever (I've only been in two plays) But still... I'll post my performance dates as soon as rehearsals start! See? I told you I'd be famous!