EUROPE TRIP: 4 trains, 1 day, tired me

"Gettin on that midnight train to Oslo...Woo woo!" That is what I was singing this morning when we ever so graciously dragged ourselves out of our nice little bed and breakfast to the train station in Voss at midnight this morning/middle of the night. We got on our train to Oslo and I guess we were supposed to sleep, but that didn't turn out well for any of us. So now, here we are, on our third train of the day and moms asleep, the brother is uploding pictures with a tired face and dad is watching me write this. I think we're in Sweden, but who really knows for sure? ... There's really good chocolate on this train. It's milk chocolate with rasberries or something in makes me happy. I think it's pretty cool--blogging from a train in a foreign country! That's a first for me! Tonight (on our fourth train) we get BEDS! Halleilughlia!

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