We arrived in Paris two days ago but I haven't blogged about it yet because I'm too lazy. Yesterday was really fun, but caused all of notre (our) feet to hurt. We went to Notre Dame and it was...huge. The biggest and most detailed church I have ever seen. It was amazing! We waked the streets for about an hour and we looked for souvenirs. My dad didn't like that. At all. And to top it off, someone ripped him off and didn't give him enough change! I just woke up so my writing isn't very good, but oh well. We mustn't dwell on the quality of the writing itself but the information that it possesses. (I totally disagree with that by the way) I'm very tired right now. We ate at McCaffee (a french McDonalds) and we ate Croissants. I love Paris!!! I could live here! This Morning we're going to see the Eifel Tower! That's my favorite part of Paris. I bought a necklace yesterday with an eifel tower charm!
Good Bye!

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